Sometimes we need to be critical of ourselves and think deep about what we believe and what we think we believe in.
When we are face with critical situation and challenge its then we know who we really are and what we really believe. On a face value we think and concluded that yes, I am born into Christian family, my parent do attend church service even twice a week and as a result of the upbringing we concluded that we don’t only believe in Christ but also we believe we are Christian.
Don’t conclude that you know Christ until you have an encounter with His resurrection power! This is the power that raise us up from our dead state to being alive with God.
The power transformed us from earthly being to heavenly being.
Where then do we encounter this power?
Right there in God’s word!
The word of God carries resurrection power.
God to where the word is preach and let the word transform you .

I am Adeyinka Ojo
Word of Life Today


Author: the burning hearts.

We are Jesus disciples! We long to see genuine biblical revival in this latter days. This we do by prayer and periodically organising word and prayer meetings.

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