Sometimes God sound so unreasonable! Why? Because He does not live in the sense world!

God lives in the realm of the spirit and His moves in our lives may not make sense to us. On this note, the only way to access anything that God makes available to us is by believing Him; our believe must lead us to appropriate action.

We cannot say we believe God without taking the corresponding action, even the devil believes and shivers.

Our action justify our believe!

We are really what the bible says we are. If you believe that statement, then you will live in line of the written words.

The word of God is the pattern for our lives, it teaches us how to behave and show us who we really are. Our responsibility is to believe this word, even if it negates our culture and pre-knowledge.

We should believe what it says about our finances, health, family, relationship etc

Therefore, live by the word!

I am Adeyinka Ojo.

Word of Life Today



Author: the burning hearts.

We are Jesus disciples! We long to see genuine biblical revival in this latter days. This we do by prayer and periodically organising word and prayer meetings.

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