Men are God’s Strategy by Adeyinka Ojo


Men are God’s channel of expressing His power and anointing. God does not have any strategy to get His work done on earth without using His elected men.
When there is a scarcity of men to use, God’s power also becomes scarce. God has given the earth to the children of men while the heavens belong to God.
Therefore before God intervenes on earth, the ‘man factor’ is inevitable.
The whole world was languishing under the influence of the devil because of the fall of man through Adam. God saw that salvation could not come until a savior comes in the form of a man. It will only take ‘man’ to redeem man. For this reason Jesus came, as the son of God but birthed through a woman. He was made the son of man and He came to die, so that man can be redeemed back to God.
In every human sector, before a change comes, God must use a man. Here comes the challenge beloved, God does not use just any man. He uses a ready man.
There are men that are occupying space until the original man comes. I pray you are not a space occupier. Judas was occupying space until Matthias came. (See Acts 1:15-26). Saul was occupying the throne until David, the man after God’s heart, appeared.


Author: the burning hearts.

We are Jesus disciples! We long to see genuine biblical revival in this latter days. This we do by prayer and periodically organising word and prayer meetings.

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