Its time to seek the Lord. By Brother Adeyinka Ojo

img_20161001_115554It’s time to seek the lord!
We live in the days when we need to prove to the world system what we carry from our relationship with Christ. Generations come and go but the word of God remains the same to this day.
The word of our Lord Jesus Christ is coming to pass at a rate that should make us alarmed. The people of the world are asking us for both the proof of our stewardship and proof of our faith.
The wickedness of the wicked is increasing and people are looking for a place of refuse from their wrath. The devil is taking the battle to our very door posts. The babies are crying to their fathers but the fathers are looking helpless. Today our hospitals cannot hold all of our people because of the increase of illness and sickness. Those in the world system are asking…. “Where can we find help?”
The political system is failing, the economies of the world are collapsing and the world system as established by our enemy is not helping. The scientists are still looking for the solution and the religious cannot help. The only solution to every problem and challenge in life is locked up in the power of God, which are present in Jesus Christ and his promised Holy Spirit.
It takes a highly consecrated and dedicated life to unlock the world of the supernatural. This is the realm where sin and doubt disappear; an atmosphere that is ever saturated with the outpouring of God’s presence and love.
Get ready as the Holy Spirit takes you to the realm of the supernatural through your encounter within the following pages as you learn to take his mantel in your hand.

Your Brother in Faith
Adeyinka A. Ojo


Author: the burning hearts.

We are Jesus disciples! We long to see genuine biblical revival in this latter days. This we do by prayer and periodically organising word and prayer meetings.

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